Natures best kept secret is finally revealed!

  • One serving of fresh cane juice satisfies a whopping 52% of your dietary fibre needs
  • Each Tall fibrous stalk is packed with all of essential micro-nutriments
  • With only 12% raw sugar content,  every 100ml of fresh cane juice contains 35% LESS than apple juice
  • High concentration of powerful antioxidants and key phytonutrient chlorophyll; a special green element than helps to clean and purify the body of harmful toxins
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Why sugarcane juice business may be good for you?

High profit margin ratios
It takes  .56kg to produce one 16oz cup of sugarcane juice. An average mature stalk of sugarcane could contain 3-4 servings. Consider that one hectare of sugarcane contains about 60 tons of sugarcane, of which maybe 50% is a high enough quality to use to extract juice. That would mean the one hectare could produce 30 tons for sugarcane juice.

Healthy Product offering
Sugarcane juice is very healthy for the body with health benefits ranging from lowering cholesterol to making the body more alkaline which fights cancer and a host of other benefits. Being naturally sweet, with no simple sugars and low on the glycemic index, it is even safe for most diabetics to consume in moderation.

Sugarcane juice is gaining popularity
For being a healthier alternative to table sugar, this fresh drink is getting popular in Brazil, India, and China. It has to be consumed right after it is extracted from the sugarcane and this is why is commonly sold in stands, having good marketability and consumption potential.

Making sugarcane juice available to the consumers in both urban and rural areas will help in creating new markets and job opportunities using available raw materials.  We sell high quality sugarcane juice extractors and raw material.  If you are interested in this business, we encourage you to contact us.

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